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What WebsiteSpark can do for you!

Microsoft recently announced a program called WebsiteSpark. You can read more about it on Scott Guthrie's blog. It's a variation on their Spark program which is intended to give people that have an idea for a business or web site an opportunity to use Microsoft technologies for free to develop and deploy their ideas for 3 years.

Personally, I think it is a brilliant program that finally shows a desire from Microsoft to embrace a culture of open-source without having to sacrifice their business model of making software to sell to people. If you let someone use your technologies for free, support them making something amazing with it and add that to your portfolio of successful projects, it just fosters positive connection to the community that ultimately will drive success in the future.

Microsoft products can be extremely pricey. A windows server license alone can cost near $1000 per processor. With this program you get 4 licenses for free for 3 years. Talk about offsetting the start up costs. You can have a solid, supported, industry standard technology in place while you build your business.

The WebsiteSpark program joins the other two successful "Spark" programs previously launched - BizSpark for startups, and DreamSpark for students.

While I was in school back in 2005, the only technologies we learned and used were open-source because we couldn't afford to use anything Microsoft. I can only imagine how many fun, off the wall, projects I could have created in school with access to some of the products available in these programs.

I'm sure a lot of this sounds like I'm spitting cool-aid out all over the place, but I honestly believe that this program is a good thing for everyone. Microsoft got this one right, and I'm giving credit where credit is due.

Now go out and bring your ideas to life!



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