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Another Bus Tour, Microsoft Style

Microsoft is doing a bus tour to highlight the new technologies and software they've developed for the interactive/web communities. It will highlight their new Expression Suite and Silverlight. The bus tour called "The Code Trip" is set to kick off in 2008.

I've been looking for some ways to learn Silverlight for work and this could be a good opportunity to jump right in. Of course it doesn't hurt that reposting this link on my blog should get me some swag!

My big reason for doing this is MS is one of our biggest clients. As a flash developer/designer I know we could get a lot more business from MS if we used Silverlight. I've told my boss I was willing to learn. I'm interested in learning about any plans MS has to cater to the Flash community since in some cases they are direct competitors. Will they try to convert them, work with them, create modules to allow Action Script and MXML to integrate or even be swappable with Visual Basic/C# and XAML. Now that would be cool!

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